Louisiana Crawfish

Cooking in Sens


One of the many reasons that we adore Vadim and Galina is that they like food; to eat, to discuss and to prepare.  Since winter Vadim has been waiting for the crawfish in Lousiania to mature so that we could share a feast.


I wasn’t sure how he would purchase them.  Frozen?  Pre-cooked?  Not at all.  He purchased them for live delivery from the Louisiana Crawfish Company.  Good man!  I will certainly use this service when I return to the States.  Unaware of their imminent demise, the “crawdads” seemed happy, actively swimming and flicking their tails.  Apparently, my drool dripping into the bucket set off no alarms 🙂


I would love to take Vadim and Galina to France with us for the summer!  Le Parret would love them and I don’t think language would be a barrier.


They have such a great house!  This time we sat in the Florida room…

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